Our New Ron May Towing Website


As a towing company located in Snohomish County, we would like for our visitors to know and understand all the services that we do offer. Our new website will showcase all the services that we are proud to offer to our fellow Snohomish County residents. We have been offering these services for over 50 years. It is our goal to provide quality service to all of our customers.


Ever been stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire? Definitely a huge inconvenience. Especially when on the way to an appointment or special event and dressed up for the occasion. With a towing company like Ron May Towing, help is just a button push away.

On every page of our new mobile site, there is a button to contact us. We are fast to respond and have drivers out and about, ready to jump to action. Our drivers can perform a tire change with the customers existing spare tire. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, sunny, cold, in the snow, and pouring down rain, our drivers are out to help. Our customers won’t have to worry about showing up to their appointment, gathering, or interview dirty or soak and wet.


Sometimes, it is easy to forget to look at the fuel gauge or the car just decides to run out when on the way to a fuel station. Not everyone carries a fuel can in their car and even if they do, it is a big risk to get out and walk to the nearest fuel station, especially on the highway. There is no need to worry or take unnecessary chances.

With a push of a button on a mobile device, it is easy to contact Ron May Towing and take advantage of their roadside fuel assistance. Our drivers can bring the fuel to where the car is thirsting for fuel eliminating all danger and getting the customer back on the road towards their destination.


Vehicles need the battery to start. Its definitely not a good feeling when its time to go, turn the key, and nothing happens. The battery needs a jump start. If jumper cables are present, then its a matter of finding the right person who is willing to help. That, in itself, can be a risk. If the cables are hooked up wrong, that can be devastating to the vehicle. Also, it is hard to know what the other person might be like.

At Ron May Towing, our drivers are equipped and ready to assist in roadside jump start service. They are trained and are fast to respond to the location since they are out and about, ready to give assistance in jump starting a vehicle. If the battery is not the reason the car is not starting, they can tow the vehicle to a shop to get it checked out.


It’s not hard to lock the keys in the car. For example, having a good conversation on the phone, the keys are in the ignition, step outside and push the button down and boom. Keys are in the car. Not saying that I’ve done that… okay, maybe I have but, what an inconvenience. Or maybe while putting the groceries in the trunk, hands are full so the keys are set down just for second to organize, but, while in a hurry, maybe it’s raining, inadvertently, the trunk is closed and the keys are still in there.

No problem. Ron May Towing drivers utilize specialized auto lockout kit that is safe for the vehicle preventing any damage. They can get the vehicle unlocked in just a matter of minutes. They are already out driving throughout Snohomish County so this enables Ron May Towing drivers to have fast response times to any situation.


We have moved many, many things in the 50+ years that we have been offering our towing services. It doesn’t even have to have wheels. We have moved sheds, kiosks, coffee stands, safes, monster trucks and race cars, and even a barbecue grill. If it needs to be moved, we can do it.

Ron May Towing is proud to offer our towing and roadside assistance services in Snohomish County and plan to be around for another 50 years and more.

We hope you like are new site and now that you know what we do, if ever you are in need of any of these services, you will contact us. We are professional, trained, safe and a name you can trust.

Please feel free to comment and share. If you have had a pleasant experience using our towing or roadside assistance service, please feel free to comment and share that experience. We are always happy to hear from our customers.

We encourage you to visit our new website and let us know what you think. Thank you for reading our blog and visiting our site.


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